Montessori Kindergarten of Bucharest
Montessori Jardin d'enfants- Francoise Gradinita Montessori Bucuresti - Romana

Montessori Kindergarten of Bucharest

In 2011, we're opening the first group of Montessori elementary school (ages 6 to 9), the only Montessori school in Bucharest authorized by the Ministry of Education. More details about Scoala Montessori Bucuresti - Montessori School of Bucharest to come soon.

Montessori Kindergarten of Bucharest, the first international Montessori kindergarten in Bucharest, is authorized by the Ministry of Education.

Watch our video presentation to find out more about Montessori Kindergarten of Bucharest.

Montessori Kindergarten of Bucharest provides children from 2 to 6 years with high quality Montessori education, where each child is respected and encouraged to develop their personality at their own pace and growth style, laying the foundation of a lifelong creative learning.

MKB offers:

- Educators trained to adopt the Montessori method, acting as an unhurried link between children and surroundings.

- Montessori certified educational materials.

- Mixed-age groups

- Montessori curriculum: Practical life, Sensorial activities, Language, introduction to Mathematics, Geography, Botanics, Art, Music, Physical education.

- English as the language of training; Romanian available for foreign children;  French as an optional – twice a week.

- Specially prepared environment with children-size furniture and sinks.

- Three fresh and healthy meals per day (Weekly Menu - in Romanian). 


Montessori Kindergarten of Bucharest
Contact: Ana-Maria Brezniceanu (Manager)
Phone/Fax: +40.729.002.081


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